Disability Insurance Coverage

What is your most valuable asset?

When asked to name their most valuable asset, many people list their homes, their car, expensive art or jewelry, investments, or, for some, the value of their business. The truth is, for most of us, our most valuable asset is our ability to earn an income. While we would not consider leaving other assets uninsured, people frequently fail to adequately insure the earnings that would be lost in the event of a disabling illness or injury.

We are experts at assisting clients in designing disability income replacement insurance programs that will provide income to pay the bills at home, as well as prevent the loss of a business, should you become disabled. We have access to policies that offer substantial premium discounts to physicians and, in some cases, to employees of other businesses as well.


Disability insurance can protect your ability to earn.

Contact us to discuss disability insurance options available to you, or visit disabilitycanhappen.org for more information about preparing for the possibility of a disability.